The best part about being in sorority is all of the amazing women you finally get to call your sisters. Our bond grows stronger each and every day through diamond groups, sisterhood outings, big-little events, and so much more. Over this past year we have done everything from lake days to lazy Sundays. Whether our sisters are abroad, here in Clemson, or together over summer break, we are always having a good time. We are so excited for the upcoming sisterhood events we have to come! 


Big Little Reveal 

Everyone's favorite day of the year! 

New Member Retreat

New members get to go on an overnight retreat that is full of fun bonding moments! 

Lake Days

Some of our favorite days are spending time on the lake with our sisters! 

And so much more!

Our sisterhood events are some of the most fun events we have! Some of the highlights include: Pumpkin picking, Chick-Fil-A breakfast, rollerskating, and so much more!

Go Tigers

Because game days are the best days...